The great cavern war part 11 Otm Lidabomb


Otm Lidabomb Sat on a wooden log and was singing a song. He often did this while hunting around for mushrooms and flowers.

Oh Otm Lidabomb Oh Merry fellow

His coat is worn and brown and his boots are yellow

Oh Otm Lidabomb Can’t you hear him singing

looking for purple flowers that he will be brining.

He often did a dance of joy whenever he found something useful or pretty on the ground. He did not care for the hustle and bustle of city life. He was the head of his small family a wife and two children. He really loved his wife and He often sung to her. When he was off on one of his many outings into the wild he felt something strange on day. It seemed like a small earthquake. He heard a small explosion and went off to investigate. Otm was looking on the ground inside a cave and suddenly a small head popped out of a hole. Gaius looked up at Otm and the two looked at each other in astonishment.

“Don’t worry we won’t hurt you.” Said Gaius. Gaius then started to make the hole bigger with some tools he had brought. The mayor back home gave him specific instructions not for anyone to use magic. Otm smiled and helped Gaius and was soon introduced to Ticius and Alexander. The lads were astonished to learn that Otm did not ask them any questions about who they were but simply said to them. “Please don’t make a mess in this cave. You can spend the night in here maybe even build a fire and have your dinner. You can make your report then send it back to your King the next day. There will be no trouble tonight.” After he said these words the little man sprinted off.

The boys all looked at each other dumbfounded. How did this little man know about their mission? They started to set up their camp for the night and Alexander peeked outside the cave and immediately ran back inside screaming. “There is a monster out there.” Gaius and Ticius looked outside and saw something amazing. It had a green top and was very tall it had really tough brown skin. The lads didn’t know what to make of such a thing but it did not attack them. The green top moved a little in the wind but it mostly just stood there. They all got scared but had to go outside and see if the curse affected any of them or not. They all stood outside waiting to be engulfed in flames but nothing happened. They noticed one of the monsters had a brown thing in the green part. They heard a chirping noise coming from it and small little winged things flew in and out of it. The Trio was happy that day because they now had proof that the curse did not affect the new generation of the CDF.