The great cavern war part 12 Gilgalid - Macduff-


The king was overjoyed when he heard the report. “That monster as you called it as known on the surface world as a tree.” King Dante said as he stroked his beard. The king coughed a little as he tried to find the strength to continue. Dante fell over and soon with the help of some aides went to bed. The Queen explained what he had planned. “Gaius you are here by promoted. You shall become our first ranger on the surface. Your job will be reconnaissance and spying we need to know with what powers we are dealing with. Do not under any circumstances be aggressive towards any inhabitants upon the surface world. Alexander and Ticius will accompany you once they have adequate training. You will be given your own house. Some of our guards will deliver a message to you once we are ready. This command I must give you. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT USE ANY SPELLS ABOVE RANK ONE. She practically yelled these last words out.” Trishia had an aide show them around the city.

Alexander already knew the city pretty well and went to his room. The aide was a small hyperactive man who talked really fast but Gaius and Ticius understood him well enough. “The city has six main areas of interest. The Palace, The Temple, The Barracks, The Market, The forum and The residential area. King Dante really cares about his people so The Palace is pretty modest. This is where the royal family lives. I heard that the queen does some serious magic study in some parts underneath it. The temple is where we worship God of course and where we go for healing and also the priests do their learning and study. The Barracks is where the soldiers and mages live. They fight and yell and do stupid stuff all the time there. The Market is where we buy and sell supplies like food and weapons. The residential area is where we all go the sleep at night. Your house Gaius is right next to the entrance of our city. The forum is where all the politics happens its going to be pretty tomorrow because we need elect a new ruler. Outside the city walls is the teleporter this is the device that was used to bring the first two generations down here. It has been dormant for a long time now and it seems to be closed down”

The Aide handed Gaius his keys and left to go back to his other duties at the palace. Gaius explored the city for a while and Ticius went to the barracks to learn more about the magic there. After an exhausting day of exploring and talking with the locals Gaius went home to relax and sleep. Tomorrow was a new day for everybody.