the great cavern war part 13 Ancient Evil - Macduff_


Udelif, Shamgar and Virgil were all sitting around a big rectangular table. There are 12 empty chairs all were painted solid black and had name plates in front of them. On the table was a big tapestry. It had many drawings and 12 names were written on it. Belias, Duma, Zalhera, Zebbeb, Hashmurim, Ultima, Sel, Cuchrain, Rophochehe, Adramelech, Cheraub and Leviathan. Virgil recognized the name of Belias and Ultima but the rest were a mystery. “What do you know of these names.” Said Shamgar to Virgil. Vigil answered with the best of his ability. “I have spoken to a demon named Belias and it rescued me. The name Ultima shows up in some old legends but I know very little about him.” Shamgar smiled and went on a long speech about the ancient world. Virgil remembered little but he did set to memory the good parts.

“At some point in the very ancient world there existed 12 extremely powerful demons who had conquered the world. Something had pity on the free races of our world and sealed the demons inside mirrors. Legends tell that if all 11 demons were to be gathered they could summon the leader Ultima and take control of the world again. inside you Virgil lies Belias he healed your posion and brought you here to us. He is at work on your spirit and will soon heal your curse so that you can see the sky again. However the sun will still damage you. Belias is powerful but not that great as of yet. Duma lies in my soul and Zalhera lies in Udelif. We are on a mission to find the rest of the demons. We don’t know where they are specifically but we are working on magic to find them. I ask you Virgil will you help us attain more power and control this world? We will protect it from any harm if we are united.”

Virgil smiled at said “This sounds like my kind of plan.” “Excellent we will have you outfitted with your own castle to the North we will teleport you there tomorrow. Our mages have detected a mirror of power somewhere up there. We have sent one of our mighty hunters but he has not reported back in a while.” Udelif charmed in after shuffling some papers around “You will have castle Lionel up to the north. Do not forget to bring your mirror with you. Once there you will read about its people and begin preparations for military action in case we need it. You will also begin to search for our hunter his name is Beowulf.”