The great cavern war part 14 Three texts -Macduff-


All three lads learned much of the time they spent in the City underground. Gaius was quite the busy bee running around. He spent much time listening to the various factions arguing in the forum about who should be the next king. After much argument and debate and a voting process that Gaius could not understand it was decided that Tolkien will be the new king. Tolkien was a modest man with no extreme political views. He and his brother Took were cast down to the caverns. The brothers never talked about why. Tolkien the elder was a brilliant writer and speaker and his brother had much training in the priesthood.

After this choice was made Gaius spent a lot of time in the temple learning about the past history and of ancient lore. There were three texts that interested him the most. The first was a comical tale of a brave knight known as Brave Sir Bobbin. The second was a serious tale about the creation of the world and the creation of 24 stones. The third was a detailed account of the Undead war.

Alexander was seen in the temple a lot too. He often waved to Gaius and the two became close friends as Ticius had once been in New Haven. Alexander lost a bit of weight and learned to communicate better now that he had friends to hang around with. Alexander would teach young Gaius about the ways of God and thru history how God would sometimes do miracles when prayed too. Gaius would often read about the creation of the world account and would ask Alexander questions about the text. Alexander knew a lot about it and would help his friend understand it.

Ticius spent all of his time at the barracks. The mage side of things was quite a wonderful experience. He learned many spells and increased his knowledge. He took many trainings and eventually reached the level of Mage. He was very eager to travel back to the surface and learn more. The Time at Gilgalid was incredible for all involved and they soon would see the new king and receive more instructions