The great cavern war part 16 Genesis -Macduff_


The next text was the story about the creation of the world. Gaius liked this one too but was more of a serious tone.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In the heavens there waged a war with two opposing factions that God created. The Angels on one side and Demons on the other. The war cost much chaos in the universe that God had created. God decided to seal up the Demons and the Angels. God created the world of Terra with its beasts and birds. The oceans and rivers, mountains and valleys were all created by God. God sealed up the Angels and Demons into mirrors and scattered them about the world. God then created mankind to fill the earth and subdue it. Sometimes Mankind did good and other times they did terrible things to each other. These were sometimes amplified with the help of the Mirrors

This is only an excerpt from a much larger text but the people living underground only had a sample to work with. There are some notes in the margins that Indicate the surface dwellers had the complete copy. This short story Gaius named Genesis and had a copy made of this text as well as the tale of Sir Bobbin and the account of the great undead war made. He brought these back to his home and spent the rest of the day organizing his new abode. Gaius would often have Alexander over and they would spend time eating and drinking. Eventually Gaius would meet the new day and start on his mission to scout the upper world for the first time in a long while. Gaius was happy anxious and all a flutter after he woke up and headed toward the gates of the city. Ticius and Alexander were there dressed in combat gear and after a brief hello they traveled to New haven and began final preparations.

The orders were simple They were to travel in 12 directions for about 1 mile and scout the areas and make notes about anything interesting that they find. Everyday would be 1 mile and then come back to new haven and submit a report to the mayor. The mayor would then have a copy made and send it to the Palace and await further orders. It was made very clear to Gaius that he was the leader of the company and not to engage in any violent actions unless immediately threatened first. The day finally came to explore the surface world and Gaius could barley control himself. Once Gaius poked his body out of the hole he made he was amazed at what he saw.