The Great cavern war part 19 The Calderas -Macduff-


After a mighty breakfast the old priest began to tell them his story. “There is a large island far away from here home of what we call the Calderas. This is a governing body of sorts that controls the Priests, the Paladins and the Monks. It is meant to bring peace and prosperity to the udelif empire. I was the head of the priest faction. Dycedarg is the head of the Paladins and Llama is the head of the Monks. All of us made dictions regarding what do about various injustice done inside the empire. Mostly it was me and Dycedarg meeting where as Llama would spend most of his time meditating in some chamber somewhere. We would call on his assistance in most dire emergencies but this was rare.

At some point I started to receive various report about the empires terrible dealings with other races that share our world. It started with an order from the emperor about eliminating a large group of Frensis. These cat like creatures were always peaceful and never attacked us openly before. The order called for total elimination of them. I kept getting more and more reports about wiping out Vampires and Rough Riders. This was just plain murder and I would not stand for it. I made my troubles well known to others including Dycedarg and Llama. Soon whispers about killing me were in the air and I decided to flee the coming wraith mostly to save those still loyal to the Calderas and what it stood for. Trying to escape was quite difficult as it seemed that the very people that I worked with became blood thirsty. I sensed an evil almost demonic presence within the community so I left and eventually found my way here.

I fear for the worst that Dycedarg and Llama they might have fallen under the influence of the demonic mirrors from a war long long ago. The Udelif empire must be stopped and I think you three could have a chance. If you could find the Holy mirrors to counter the influence of the Demonic mirrors and unite the other races against the Empire we could stop them. I am old and do not get around much these days. I have some tools that could aid you in your quest. I require one ingredient to finish a ritual. I need you to find the horn of a lesser demon. Otm tells me that there is one not far from here. There is a forest to the east and it is infested with goblins. Goblins are nasty small creatures that have no redeeming quality at all. If they see anything other then another goblin they will attack it and try to eat it. The chief in this tribe has around its neck the horn of a lessor demon. Goblins can be hard to find but you should have an experanced tracker back underground who could aid you. Bring the horn back to me and I will complete the ritual and give you some tools. For right now I suggest you return to your home and report back to your king.” He finishes speaking and hands Gaius a letter. “I know your king personally from a long time ago give this letter to him.” Gaius Ticius and Alexander got up and thank the priest for all he has done and return to the caverns.