The great cavern war part 21 Grievula - Macduff


After the battle with the Litchess Grievula became the steward of castle Lionel and Virgil only dealt with him. Virgil would oftentimes bark out orders and then the vampire would address the underlings to do his bidding. This was a role the vampire was accustomed to as he was the steward for Alucard at one point. The second most powerful vampire that ever existed besides Dracula of course. A long time ago there was a battle with some vampire hunters and Alucard with Grievula escaped but were soon separated in the mass confusion of battle. Grievula rounded up some of his kin and managed to find a new home at Lionel.
Grievula was tall around 6 foot 9. He was very skinny as most of his kin was because they did not eat. Vampire's favorite meal was human blood mixed with very strong wine. He was dressed in modest black robes and black pants. He was not all that great of a fighter. He rarely used his teeth or claws but relied more on cunning and scouting out his prey before an attack. He had very pale skin and kept his hair slicked back and often enjoyed napping in his coffin during the day time hours.
Virgil had ordered Grievula to start building up Lionel castle. More slaves were recruited from the surrounding villages and farms. A Small militia was rounded up to guard the front gate. The most peculiar order was for Grievula to find information about a man named Beowulf. Grievula sent out various spies and informants to the local bars and inns. It would take a while for them to report back. Most of his time was spent fixing up the castle to what the new dark lord wanted. It was mostly boring and tedious work but vampires lived a very long time. Time was not much of a factor to him.

Most castles had the lord living at the top while everybody else lived at the bottom. Lionel had the opposite. The very top of the castle had a watchtower that was not even occupied. It was very tall with grey stone. The uppermost floor is where all the treasure was kept along with the gold used to buy various goods. Grievula spent some time here every so often making sure they hand enough money to buy various stuff and to keep the militia well paid. If gold was low he would simply send some vampires into town to murder some merchants at the inn and take the gold. Vampires have no sense of morals when dealing with mortals whom they regard as food or slaves. The mid-floor is where the vampires were kept. Along with all the swords and spears and fighting equipment. If a couple of morons wanted to attack the castle the vampires would hand out the good weapons to the milia and would engage in combat. The militia stayed outside the castle in a small barracks that was built right next to it. The lower floor was where the slaves were kept. Mostly women and girls with a few men for slave labor. Young girls were the favorite of vampires simply because they were smaller and easier to move around. Vampires are not sexual predators and some might believe.

Finally, there was the dungeon were Virgil made his home. The dark lord still had the weakness for the sun which he began to hate. Just like back in the underground Pinky would guard the front door standing there with its mouth open and drool running down its chin. The Demon had instructions only to let Grievula enter. Which he did at least once a day to give Virgil a daily report and to receive new instructions. The dungeon was mostly painted black except on the left most corner where a large table was set out. Here Virgil laid out his two plans. To undo the curse and to find this Beowulf. The other side was a small bed with a small dining table. Virgil would have Grievula bring him some food always served with wine. Once Grievula had information about Beowulf the two began to make plans and it was the beginning of a most evil dark alliance.