The Great cavern war part 22 Tulkas - Macduff-


( There is a quote from the hobbit movie in here. I'm not sure if it is in the book I have not read it in a long time.)

Emperor Theodulr Tulkas was standing in the middle of the training arena watching the new recruits doing a terrible job training. Once he received the letter to return to the palace he was overjoyed. “Emperor” was a title he was given not because he ruled over any specific land but because he was simply the best hunter in the entire empire. Only one other person could claim to be better then he was but that was a long time ago. Tulkas was cast down because of his outspokenness towards the war with the fairy creatures. He was not stricken with the curse like Virgil was. Most people were not stricken with the curse because they were not seen as a threat towards the empire.

Tulkas was in charge of training new recruits at the training area in Gilgalid. It was quite boring work so he dropped everything he was doing and went towards the palace. The last time he was this happy was when he left the position of Virgil’s bodyguard. Tulkas never believed he was an angel but compared to that bastard he was a saint. Tulkas used to be rather tall and thin but years of not being active in the wild he was getting quite fat. This did not really matter tracking lizards and blind fish was not challenging at all.

The new king Tolkien greeted Tulkas at the palace along with three young boys who just returned from the surface world. The queen had left with her apprentice to stay with Paramaximus for a while. Tolkien wore a golden crown on his head but otherwise had plain white robes that he wore. The three boys were standing off to the side and watched the two men talk.

“What does the crown require of me?” Said Tulkas in his loud abrupt way. Tolkien in a quite yet stern voice answered him back “I want you to train young Gaius over there on how to track down a certain goblin king who was a horn that we require. You see we have found a new path back to the surface world and you’re the best tracker around. Do this and I will grant you a case of that mushroom beer you love so much.” Tulkas looked at Gaius and bust out with laughter. “He looks more like a grocer then a hunter. I will do as you require but I think this will take a lot of work but its better then wasting my time at the training center.”

Tulkas put his arm around the young lad and said to him in a cheerful manner. “Don’t worry lad I will put some meat on your bones yet and teach you the ways of the wild you are in good hands.” Gaius looked worried because of the smell of beer was all over the man but he waved goodbye to his friends and was soon off into the distance. The king then informed Alexander that he was to go see his father at the temple and give him the letter from the old priest on the lake. Ticius was to travel south and meet up with the Queen at the den. He was still awe struck at the fact that Virgil was still alive but never brought it up in conversation. He was to learn a more powerful version of the range ability and to learn about a mysterious power that his Father and the Queen often felt.