The Great Cavern war part 9 two kings - Macduff


After the collapse of the tower the party was confused. Marion spoke first and told everybody what Virgil wanted and Lewis allowed her to join. The company gathered their things and started slowly to move. They went on their way to the capital city of Gilgalid. On the way Ticius would tell Gaius what happened back at the chamber with Virgil. “My father casted a spell on me.” He did this from time to time as he believed it would toughen me up. The spell is called disease light and its not supposed to do any long-term damage so I’m fine now. He was always hard on me but I rather not think about that now.

The fellowship soon came to some farm land. Various lizards hissed and blind fish in the ponds swam around. Gilgalid soon came into view and it was beautiful. Large stone statues were everywhere. Law and order was maintained with a level of complexity. Gaius was amazed and wanted to explore every inch of the city. Lewis told him there was time for that later and we must hurry to see the king because time was short. Everyone soon came to a large palace where Alexander greeted them at the door. They came into the main chamber and there sat King Dante and Queen Trisha. Dante was dressed in a modest bronze robe. His crown was golden with a single jewel inside. Queen Trisha was dressed in a long flowing bronze gown. She had long blonde hair with streaks of gray.

Virgil woke up amazed. He could feel his hands had new strength in them. The poison is his body was gone and he could move around without any pain. He also felt younger with more energy and could see things with more clarity. He was dressed in a simple white shirt and black pants. He was in a modest sized room. The mirror that was on his wall was next to him on the bed. He ate some of the food and drunk from a pitcher of water that was on a nearby table and wondered where he was just then a familiar figure stepped in front of him. “Shamgar you bastard” Vigil yelled and then began to attack him with his bare fists but found out quickly that he could not move. Shamgar only wore a simple black robe with a single ring on his finger. For the head of the council he was dressed very modestly. “Calm yourself Virgil I won’t hurt you. I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.” Shamgar waved his hand and another well-dressed man entered. King Udelif and I want to have a conversation with you. Udelif was dressed like a peacock. He had a robe of many colors and a crown with seven jewels on it. Rings on each finger with very well trimmed nails. “Welcome back to the surface.” He smiled at Virgil with a gleam in his eye.