The Name of the Rose - cathedral door

Bruce N H

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Hey all,

I guess I'll post in this forum, but feel free to move it if there is a better option. Anyway, I was googling around and saw a reference that the carvings above the door that we discussed in classes 2 and 3 were based on Moissac Abbey. There is no real proof given for this, like an interview with Eco or something, but you can definitely see that Adso's description has some of the same details. Anyway, here is the Wikipedia entry for the Abbey, and most significantly, there is a high res photo of the tympanum carvings.


If you go to the Wikipedia link above you can click through to get a very large version of that where you can clearly see all the details. It doesn't fit all of Adso's description, but it at least gives a flavor of what it might look like.