Timelines of Arda

Dave Heinitz

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With the upcoming The Nature of Middle Earth class I was eager to dive into the text, and subsequently drowned in an overwhelming sea of numbers and calculations. I have so far made no attempt to wade through the plethora of options for aging of the Elves or Elvish maturity rates, but have taken some time to try to scoop together the various timeline options. The attached visualization helped me clarify some of Tolkien's ideas, but, as I expected, it also poured on more questions. Hopefully Professor Olsen can help us fish out some answers.



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As you read on through 'The Nature of Middle Earth', you will find that JRRT kept revizing all those numbers and calculations numerous times.

I guess it is not easy to come up with timings that synchronise (more or less) all the already published dates on important events for individual characters, reasonable time-frames for events to transpire, and a chronology which (more or less) synchs up with scientific knowledge on the age of the earth and its peoples?
Thanks for your effort. But I agree with flammifer that it would be better if you would have made a chart for all other options as well.
Tolkien tried so many different Elf aging variations. A chart visualizing this would be super cool. At least one line for every chapter in NoME. Maybe there is already one somewhere on the internet?