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Let me just start off by saying that, practically speaking, Vaire is a character with whom you would cast an unknown actress. Only the bravest of casting directors would reach out to a famous or noteworthy actor or actress to play a background character with no dialogue and very few substantive scenes. Vaire has a scene or two where she exchanges looks with Mandos, but other than that, she just has to be in her desk on Taniquetil before Manwe takes attendance. Even if you had the budget to cast a Hollywood star in this role, they would almost certainly be laughing out loud as they hung up on you.

So if I was casting the role of Vaire, I would be looking for an unknown with the look and feel of....

Tia Carrere- IMDB Page

upload_2016-3-18_13-13-59.png upload_2016-3-18_13-8-42.png

For those of you who don't recognize Tia Carrere but are thinking, "Where have I seen her before?", you probably remember her as Cassandra from Wayne's World (1992) or from the classic Schwarzenegger action-comedy True Lies (1994). For those of you who are wizards, can hear her picture talking to you, and are thinking to yourself, "Where have I heard her before?", you probably remember her as the voice of the big sister from Lilo and Stitch (2002). Small world.

Tia Carrere has very piercing dark eyes and can play the stern and confidant woman. She's also neither looks very young nor very old. In addition, she has a wonderful singing voice and has won a couple of Grammy awards. Now I know what you're thinking, "Vaire doesn't talk," but I think Vaire should hum or something while she weaves since her job is to materialize the Will of Iluvatar that he has revealed through the Music of the Valar. So a strong musical background is not a necessity, but it could be a plus.

So again, to be clear, my nomination is an unknown actress like Tia Carrere, not necessarily Carrere herself.
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I nominate Holly Hunter.
Well, she might be resistant to play the rather small part of Vairë, but she would definitely do a superb job. You could say that she has some experience in silent acting (The Piano). And I could see her as Vairë looking almost like she did in "Top of the lake", with her long, grey hair and those eyes that seem to look right through you, full of knowledge and wisdom.



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