ways to hold unbraided hair from covering one's face while dancing


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this problem came up in discussion about Luthien's dancing
Here a dancer has a low hanging jewerly chain fixed at the back of her hair to prevent it to go everywhere

Another way is to put ornate weights on the ends of the tresses (but this requires at least the very ends to be braided somehow):



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Yes, the combination of multiple braids and wooden beads or cowrie shells are often used to keep long hair manageable.




A less dramatic way of managing long hair while dancing is to have the hair on the head pulled back and secured, while the rest is free. That can be with tight braids on the scalp, hair clips, hair sticks, headbands, or hair wraps.

Of course, one can dance fairly vigorously with unbound long hair, as long as you are willing to whip your head dramatically to get it out of your face, Little Mermaid style.

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