Welcome to the Workshop!


Hestia of the Hearth
Welcome to the Creative Writing Workshop - I'm excited that we have a place for Signum writers to share, discuss, and support one another's writing.

To encourage each of us to engage with one another's writing in the manner that is best for the author, we have a few simple ground rules:
  • each work which is being offered to the group gets its own thread for itself and the relevant comments ("Add a new thread"). Longer works could be posted as a link to a shared Google document.
  • authors, please label the thread with a working title and a critical engagement ranking as follows:
  • "Kid Gloves" for those projects which should be handled with tender loving care; it took courage, perhaps, to post it and the author wants support and questions from colleagues.
  • "Casual" for most discussions - what readers liked, what they didn't, ways the writing could improve, questions raised, praise, puns, general kicking the tires and looking at the teeth. Oh, dear, my metaphors are meshing.
  • "MacDuff" for when the author wants colleagues to lay on with full editorial sensibilities, lit crit chops, and energy. This work wants fire to temper the steel.
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