Word logging for LOTR and the Silmarillion

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Hello all,
So I first posted this in the ExLOTR thread by as it has now grown to include the Silmarillion I thought I would repost it here.
Basically, I have gone through the books and created a spreadsheet of the use of a word. I have logged the book, chapter, where it is used, and how used it used in the line.
The links are 'comment' links so that if you spot something that is wrong please leave me a comment and I'll have a look-see.
If you would like to have more access for some reason you can request this through the green box at the top.
If you have any words that are not on there that you think should be let me know.

Also, I have a general call for aid; being dyslexic I have some, shall we say, special spellings in these sheets, as well as the normal typos. So if there is anyone who would like to help in finding them please feel free to leave comments on the sheet, I appreciate any and all constructive feedback.

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I have also graphed some of the words and made a little word doc for them sometimes with a thought (may not be the best thought) from yours truly.
Again they are comment links so feel very free to point out mistakes, I can guarantee that there will be some. :D

Bad guy related words:
So at my mum's request, I have started logging plant names. the book Flora of middle-earth by the Judds is a brilliant book and helped loads with this.
So to save me having to update this thread every time I do a word sheet I have put them all into folds that I will just update instead.
Here are the links for all the folds. Have fun all.
Hello all,
So I have started to add the Historys to my spreadsheets. I have begun with Unfinished Tales in the plant sheet.
If some of you lovely people didn't mind looking at it and letting me know if it makes sense I would be very grateful.
oh this is coincidentally very interesting to me! I've been translating and reconstructing the "lost poem" Mim's Klage, that we only have in german, and i have been pouring over word choice for quite a while xD I will have to take a look and see if I can deduce any translation choices from this