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Discussion in 'Season 4' started by Phillip Menzies, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Phillip Menzies

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    So it is a new season for SilmFilm, season 4 in fact. To start it off I have rehashed one of my earlier compositions. This was my second composition and looking back it was very short, so I have fleshed it out a bit more, improved the audio by using my orchestral library rather than a midi file, added some impressive artwork and some text from Tolkien himself. I hope you enjoy this bigger and better version of Varda.

  2. Phillip Menzies

    Phillip Menzies Moderator Staff Member

    It is amazing how a commission can inspire one. I have been struggling with about 3 or 4 tracks for months but as soon as the hosts announce "Phillip Menzies, we need a musical track for dragons and the dragonhelm" well it just seems to pour out of me. So here it is, Dragon/Dragonhlem. It is very ambitious and I have really gone to town on the video, more than usual, but it indicates what was going through my head while I was working on it. Dragon is based on a five note downward scale and the chord progression starting with a minor chord based on these notes. The dragonhelm is based on the same chord progression but this time starting with a major chord, much slower and majestic with more and more instruments joining in with variations to imply how the dragonhelm inspires, finishing with the theme being stated again with horns. The two are linked by a short transitional piece in the middle with scenes of Glaurung from the Dagor Bragollach. I may make this onto a dwarf piece.
    I hope you enjoy Dragon Dragonhelm.

  3. Phillip Menzies

    Phillip Menzies Moderator Staff Member

    Here is another piece inspired by the bad guy discussion on the Spell of Bottomless Dread. I have tried to get into the head of the elves who have the spell cast upon them and show the trauma they experience. The first image evokes an external threat (albeit in their imagination), the second is Morgoth with already established Melkor themes and finally the face of terror that experiences the dread. I have used my already established Melkor themes and this piece is a variation on those. You will hear the four slowly rising bass notes, only half of Melkor's theme. The other signature part is the braying trumpet triplet, the timing of which is now a bit uneven. As Melkor puts his will into others he is starting to fray at the edges. This triplet once loud and strong originating with Melkor will eventually musically disappear in scenes with him as he leaves nothing for himself. The screeching violins are an effect on my Garritan Virtual Orchestra which I am using to good effect. Underlying the whole piece is the drum beat which sounds like a heart beat. At the end the only thing that can be heard is the heart beat and the screeches signifying that as long as the person can hear their heart beat they will still experience Melkor's dread. This is a disturbing piece so I won't say enjoy it.


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