YouTube Uploads for Season 4


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Such a wonderful video; it was a pleasure to watch it. I like the plot and the costumes; you have a talent for doing this kind of video. I watched other videos on your YouTube channel, and I don't understand why you are not famous. You make amazing videos, and I think that with a little advertising, you could be on top in your category on YouTube. I'd also advise you to make a TikTok account and upload some fragments of your videos; I'm sure you'll succeed. TikTok is not that hard as a social; you just need to upload videos permanently and be active with your auditory. Buying TikTok likes is also a great opportunity to speed up the process.
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Phillip Menzies

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If you are commenting on the Oath of Feanor, go to season 5 where you will find a whole lot more which I hope are as good.