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    Tricks for Studying Silmarillion Names

    I have a friend with less background in Middle Earth than I who asked for help studying Silmarillion characters and family trees.(for a Fantasy Lit class) That being half of what I have spent my life doing, I of course agreed. Just curious if anyone has any tips and tricks or hard things to...
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    Last Homely House "East of the Sea" -- When did it become that?

    Great point to bring up! I think the overall idea of fading was integral to his stories from the outset, this is evident in the Book of Lost Tales, with the poem "Kortirion Among the Trees", and the early ideas Tolkien had about the Elvish afterlife. "This is the season dearest to the heart...
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    The Beornings' tolls

    I keep coming back to this, and I'm still not sure how to solve this linguistic puzzle. Maybe someone with the E-text could find out how often the word "toll" is used in the rest of the book, and with what meaning?,
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    Field Trips: Arnorian Ruins

    All good productive thoughts! We are nailing this down... I like the idea of a Cardolan family or clan possessing this symbol, if we are looking at it from the perspective the professor and the group had and the evidence they possessed as of class on the 30th of July. Because of the likelihood...
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    Field Trips: Arnorian Ruins

    Ah, I see what you are saying with the example of the saxons. That makes sense! But with the evidence he had on hand, I think the spur-of-the-moment conclusion that the professor drew(that the ruin on the Lune was an estate of the bloodline that would eventually become Cardolan), while unlikely...
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    Field Trips: Arnorian Ruins

    I agree with you on the near impossibility of the Cardolanian Ruin on the Lune, and given the evidence(per my other post linked above) I would say it is instead Arthedainian. But since during the Lone Lands field trips no one ever observed the Upward Star on all the other ruins it is found in...
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    Field Trips: Arnorian Ruins

    I've been so enjoying class recently, there have been many great topics, like female characters, how the ring tempts Frodo, and the lack of egalitarianism. But as always, I have also been enjoying the field trips. I was catching up on last class, and I noticed that the observation was made...
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    In-Game Archaeological Examination of the Lone Lands

    I've been thoroughly enjoying the examination that the ELOTR field trips did on the Arnor ruins in the Lone Lands(which I've been watching asynchronously), it's been very illuminating, perfectly nerdy, and wonderfully mysterious. I have some of my own discoveries that I thought I would share...
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    Was there actual Civil War in Arnor?

    Great points! I too love the history of the Kingdoms of Arnor. I have some other thoughts on all this that I will post in the other ELOTR Forum.
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    Started reading History of Middle Earth! So enjoying Book of Lost Tales right now.

    Started reading History of Middle Earth! So enjoying Book of Lost Tales right now.
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    Exams are now over for me and I am excited to be getting more involved once again in Mythgard...

    Exams are now over for me and I am excited to be getting more involved once again in Mythgard... catching up on the ELOTR forums has been a treat!
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    The "other side" from another perspective.

    I think this is a really good passage to look at! I also agree with Flammifier that it is unlikely that Gorbag has literally been resurrected, or even visited the wraith world to the extent that others have. That being said, I think there is a lot of really key information you both have brought...
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    "I am one reason"

    I think that is totally true! And really interesting to watch. Like his line: "You may not have noticed[the boulders]".
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    Songbook, Poetical and Maestro

    aaaaaand Both plugins are functioning wonderfully now! Thanks so much for all the help!
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    Songbook, Poetical and Maestro

    An update: I discovered 32 bit Java buried in the depths of the Java website, and Maestro and ABC player are now working splendidly! I will experiment with the Compendium and let you know how it goes. Thanks again!