A call for help!


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Hi there! I have recently come to a bitter, but i think, inevitable, decision...

My health in decreasing and it may well be ,that i'll very soon have to spend a long time in a hospital, i do not know when i'll be able to return and continue to work at my beloved home projects...

This will also affect a project very dear to me, a Tolkien fan-on project called "the new notion club"


Which at one time once started as a personal fan project dedicated to Middle-earth role playing games, but has since grown out of my personal control...

As it looks right now i will not be able to act neither as an admin nor as a contributor or editor to the project for an indefinite length of time, and i would like to ask you people on the board, and Corey Olsen, with his very good contacts to the Tolkienist scene, if you can contact him on the topic, for help, to find people who would be willing to continue the project with all the time and work i have put into it so far.