A 'dot' over the tengwar 'd' in the picture of the Doors of Durin


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Corey's slide seemed to show a possible 'dot' over the tengwar 'd' near the bottom of the picture. This was briefly discussed as possibly representing an 'i'.

In the printed early editions there is no sign of such a 'dot'. I consider that the 'dot' does not exist (should not exist), and is likely an artifact of the slide copying process, or the printing or reproduction of whatever edition Corey is using to produce the slide.

I do not think it is there in the original plate.
Here's the image from Tolkien Gateway:

So it's not just Corey Olsen's slides....
Zooming in on the Tolkien Gateway image is . . . um: ambiguous. If the dot truly exists, it is small, smaller than the width of the strokes.
The dots above the ä in Feänorian are darker, but not larger; however, these letters are also slightly smaller:
The Wikipedia version, which is white on black instead of black on white, also has the dot:


So I think it still an open question of when the dot arose, though apparently post-1965.