A name!

A few of you have mentioned, I think in emails rather than on the forum itself, that this project needs a name. I've been calling it the Exploring the Lord of the Rings Legacy Project, but that's a bit unwieldy for a website name, so I'd love your help to brainstorm a better name for the project that could be the title of the website, and perhaps the domain name if that ends up being possible. Let the ideas flow!
The Underhill Project, after Frodo’s hastily improvised cover story about visiting Bree to collect information for an upcoming book about hobbits living outside the Shire.


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Since any title (when published) almost has to include "The Lord of the Rings", to make the content clear to newcomers, and to show up on search engines, it is very hard to come up with a title that is not cumbersome.

I think the most descriptive title would be something like, "A Close Reading of 'The Lord of the Rings'". It could have a subtitle like, "Providing novel insights, interpretations, speculations, conjectures and perspectives".

However, the project to assemble such a work need not have the same title as the published version. It could have a less cumbersome, and shorter title.

Some suggestions: "Deep roots" (not reached by frost); "A different green", (in every reading in every spring); "Nai elye hiruva" (maybe even thou shalt find it); "Gathered smoke" (from the dead wood burning); "Flowing years" (from the sea returning).


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Big Red Book (Red Book cont.),
but I like Deep roots and Gathered Smoke. Smoke Rings might work (these three are also easily visualized to add to the webpage to animate the turning of the pages, which would just be fun)
All of these are wonderful, it's going to be difficult to decide!
So far my favourites are The Red Book and Deep Roots, they are both easily visualised (as FirstFish pointed out), and also they seem to me more obviously linked to LOTR than the others so far. Underhill and Findegil are both good options if we want to go for something more esoteric/less obvious to the casual reader.

I agree that we'll have to include a description within the title or subtitle somewhere that includes The Lord of the Rings, and probably "Exploring" or "A Close Reading" or some other descriptor of what the main goal of the website is. So a search engine result might look like:

Deep Roots: A Close Reading of The Lord of the Rings