Announcing the Eighth Annual Symphony of Light!


Event Announcement:

On Friday September 22, 2017, the Sons of Numenor kinship will host the 8th Symphony of Light!

What is it? What do you need to do? Simple. Show-up for however many hours you can be in-game between 8 p.m. EST and about 12 midnight EST (on the Landroval server). Being a Friday we'll likely be social and running later than usual ...

Traditionally, we form up in Stock and parade to the Valley of Imladris, taking the west road from Stock through Breeland and the Lone Lands all the way to the Valley. Toons of all levels are welcome to join, and we provide structure, guards, rezzes and - if push comes to shove - ports to the Valley. There is a music concert going on in the Valley the entire while, with a HUGE fireworks display toward the end, and finally capped by an afterglow in the Hall of Fire. We even have a Bilbo RP'er to host. Just a ton of fun!

It really is something to see ... we've had parades of upwards of 120 - yes, we've broken zones (especially Bree) in doing this - and the fireworks display literally uses 10's of thousands of shots, culminating in a massive finale of special fireworks as night falls.

It's just an incredible spectacle, and I hope you'll join us!!

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