Arien & Tilion


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There is an Arien thread in the Nominations section of Season 1, but I don't think we actually cast her during that season. Which is a shame, because we gave her a role. Now, we probably can wait for both her an Tilion until season 3.

To add an actress to the mix, may I suggest Julia Montes? She's unknown in the US, but she's a model/actress of Filipina/German heritage. To my knowledge, there isn't any "fiery/spunky female" stereotype attached to the Filipino demographic, so I don't think we'd get an eyeroll or offended tweet from casting her as the sun.

For Tilion, I like the idea of casting a Nordic actor, in keeping with the look we gave Orome (in whose company Tilion is until the Darkening of Valinor). So I suggest Darri Ingolfsson; he's got the right coloring, I think, for silver/black, and he's got a touch of the romantic in his face -- Tilion will need to be convincing as being moonstruck (ha!) for Arien.