Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-earth


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I was confused when during the very brief intermission "Face The Truth" the words which spoke of the Crossing of the Helcaraxë were attributed to Maglor, who didn't cross the Helcaraxë.

Then later during "Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)" we get the following lines:
I´ve seen this bitter end
As I´ve foreseen
The storm and ice
And I could see it
A million died
And I?
The blame´s on me
Cause I was not there
Is it possible that this is also Maglor, who feels guilty about the Crossing of the Helcaraxë and all of his kinfolk who died?

My apologies if this is something that was already discussed, but the only VOD which is available to me right now is Twitch and a couple of chunks of sound-track have been removed—ostensibly because of copyright concerns but if so their targeting is rubbish:eek:

I also apologise if this is not the appropriate sub-forum, and humbly request if so that someone move it to the proper place.


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Was that the only thing that confused you in that album?.. First I think it's Fingolfin. Who said it was Maglor?
The one that wasn't there is a bit of an enigma. I suspect it's Fingolfin as well somehow, but that's more of a stretch.