Breaking down the dream poem

(Disclaimer - I'm the one who questioned whether it was necessary to break the poem down into smaller parts.) I want to elaborate on that a little more. It wasn't that I wasn't interested in how the poem might be broken down based on various clues. It's that Tolkien deliberately chose to set it as one set of 8. After looking at meter, syntax, rhyme scheme, verb tenses, enjambments, etc., all data points were in conflict with each other. If multiple points indicated similar things that would be different.

Put this in contrast with Bilbo's poem: also a riddle poem, also in 8 lines. HOWEVER Tolkien directed that this be published in two sets of 4 lines each. There are other data points in the poem that support this decision. That's why I wanted a single group of 8 lines - not only did the data not show anything else, the decision to publish it that way seems meaningful, knowing that Tolkien directed different groupings for different poems explicitly.