Call for Tech Team Leader and/or Advisor

Hi all,

The initial response to these forums has been fantastic, thank you so much to everyone who is contributing!
Now that we are building our community of volunteers, I'd like to ask someone to step in to be the leader of our Implementation team, our technologically-savvy Dwarves who will be developing and executing the plan for this website project. Our Dwarves need a Durin!

If anyone here has the knowledge to oversee the website creation for this project and would like to step up to be the team leader, please let us know!

I will continue to participate in the Implementation forum where I can, but I will largely be coordinating between our Elves and Dwarves so that the website is built around the content structure we are beginning to plan, and I will also be around to help answer any questions and help out with tasks wherever I can.

If anyone would like to volunteer to be in more of an advisory role, rather than a direct leader, that would be an excellent alternative at the moment!
As of yet, we don't have many specific ideas for the website, so it will be more about collecting and narrowing down ideas and possibilities than actually directing a team to create the website.

It is also important at the current point in the project to build up some communication between the lovely Signum/Mythgard folks who will be working with us when creating this website. I can do this to a certain extent, but it will be much more convenient for a volunteer with a bit more knowledge than me to communicate directly with the Signum tech folks.

We will eventually need someone to have more of a team leader role, once we have a plan and can start building a team structure within the Dwarven Smiths.