Concerning Horses: Asfaloth to Shadowfax


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Hi Lucy,

I loved your essay on the horses of Middle Earth. Having had an Arab horse myself, I am totally convinced that Asfaloth must have been amongst the progenitors of that breed!


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I like your essay as well!

I would vote for the Lusitano (PSL) rather than the Andalusian as the Mearas. They are not all that different that it matters too much, but it is first and foremost the Veiga line of the Lusitano that are breed for bullfighting. Still, I would be happy to say "Iberian" (and include both PRE and PSL). Of course I might be a little bit biased since one of my horses is a Lusitano-mix...
A lagre Throughbreed would also work for Shadowfax, I think. The lager, older type of race-horse (like Man-of-War) would fit the build.

Asfaloth as an Arab I would totaly buy. The lighter horse seems to fit well the description.