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ruth barratt

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Hello lovely kinnie's!
I'm one of you new kin mates and also new to lotro.
My little Hobbit guardian Rosiebug has managed to get to level 40 and still hasn't figured out the whole crafting thing.
If there is anyone who wouldn't mind being her tutor I would be so very thankful.
I am in the UK just so you know.
Thank you in advance for any help I get.
Happy Christmas btw
Ruth (and Rosiebug)

Peter Rybski

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There are some good guides and podcasts on the LOTRO Academy over at lotroplayers.

You can try this podcast to start:

Or look at the guides here:

If you need crafting materials, you can start an exchange post in the forum. For the longest time that was my challenge, and it is why I finally created a second character.

Congrats on level 40, and Merry Christmas to you as well.

(Hodwald and Theohaad)


I would also suggest that when you are in game to not hesitate to ask questions in the Kinship chat box. It is sometimes hard to set up times to be in game together, but if anyone is one when you are I would be shocked if someone would not be able to help you with any questions you might have. Were a friendly bunch really...:)