Does Sauron Reembody the Nazgûl like the Valar reincarnate the Elves?

Dave Heinitz

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From session 201 we covered the text in reference to the Ringwraiths, “…return as best they could to their master in Mordor empty and shapeless. If that is so, it will be some time before they can begin the hunt again.” From this Corey commented how Sauron would give them an extra whoop of evil cream filling next time to to fill their empty form.

In The Nature of Middle Earth being covered in Mythgard Academy Tolkien discusses how Manwë asked Eru what should be done with the houseless spirits of the Elves. To which Eru told him to form them new bodies, which was in the Valars’ power. If the rings trapped the Nine Kings’ spirits so that even when there was nothing left of their mortal form they could not flee to Mandos and leave Arda, did Sauron then reform them some semblance of a body? Sauron is obviously not one of the Powers, but he is Ainu, and we’re told the most powerful of his order. Was he just playing at reincarnation, in a weaker, more corrupt form?