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Eilinel is the wife of Gorlim the Unhappy. Fair and gentle, she was killed in the razing of Dorthonion/Ladros during the Dagor Bragollach though her husband was unaware. Gorlim took to looking for Eilinel at the abandoned settlements and on one of these searches was captured by Thurwingwethil who was disguised in Eilinel's form. When Gorlim bargained for joining Eilinel Sauron revealed her fate before killing Gorlim and allowing him to join her.

The role of Eilinel will be a brief one, primarily of Thurwingwethil in the form of Eilinel. She will be young (20s to late teens at the youngest), as Gorlim is, with the looks of the House of Bëor.

Ella Purnell
Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Roles: Young Maleficent in Maleficent, Tess in Sweetbitter, Lady Maria Grey in Belgravia, Kate Ward in Army of the Dead
Purnell has been in a number of projects, but the one I remember her most is in Belgravia, where she plays the charming and bookish Maria Grey who's trapped in an unhappy engagement and looks for a way out from an unlikely source. The scene I have here is when Maria visits her love interest Charles Pope with two other women (who are both his grandmothers) where she's talking with Charles about his business (not shown in this clip) and then has to feign interest when her fiancé John shows up, looking for blackmail fodder on Charles (John and Charles also happen to be first cousins once removed).
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Camila Mendez is a lead in an ongoing show (Riverdale) and so maybe this is too small a role for her. However, I think she could bring some depth and the needed emotional weight that could help steer Eilinel away from fitting into being a purely 'fridging' trope figure.