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Fankil is another character from Lost Tales that has come up in discussion about the events in Hildorien. He is an associate of Morgoth of unknown origin (Men? Orc? Even a Maia) who assists in corrupting Men. Left in charge while Morgoth and Sauron are in Angband, things get out of his control and some Men, called the Edain, escape.

My idea of Fankil is that he’s arrogant and likes to hear himself talk, but is also plenty dangerous in his own right. And when I heard of the role, I could think of only one guy.

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Sorry for being a bore but I have to say I find this a bit premature. There’s very little that suggests that the execs will find this character necessary. An imagined Hildorien story might be important to us but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a part of the (imaginary!) series. (I know, it sounds absurd.)