Farmer Maggot


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I was laughing my butt off when Prof. suggested the world make Chuck Norris-esque memes about Farmer Maggot and what followed in the Discord chat.

@Tomas Delgado has the winner with, "Farmer Maggot simply walks into Mordor."

@kurtzimus, "Farmer Maggot turned that Balrog rightabouts at the bridge."

@Ardent Crayon, "A rattlesnake once bit Farmer Maggot. After three days of intense pain, the snake apologized for trespassing in Farmer Maggot's fields."

"Aragorn has Farmer Maggot underwear."

"When Farmer Maggot looks into the Mirror of Galadriel he just sees his reflection."

"Farmer Maggot is still taller than Merry and Pippin"

"Farmer Maggot sends Gandalf dream visions."

"Hobbits weren't on the Ent's list but Farmer Maggot was."

"Feanor took an oath on Farmer Maggot."