Final Session for Season 3 postponed until Friday August 3rd


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Sorry for the late notice! Due to some technical difficulties, the Tolkien Professor does not think he will be able to broadcast from his home tomorrow morning, so to avoid the issue, the final session has been rescheduled for August 3rd.

This final session will focus on the Music and the Sets/Locations, and also finish up the Villains costuming, I believe.

I apologize for the late notice!


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Any idea whether this will affect the "Gryfflet" stream which usually follows immediately afterwards?


How can I listen live? I've caught up on the past SilmFilm podcasts over the last month or so, but I don't want to miss the live session next week. Is it as simple as clicking the "Bi-weekly Podcast" button on the Mythgard SilmFilm page?


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As far as I know, Gryfflet will go on as planned today. The issue seemed to be some construction noise in the morning, which should not interfere with the 1 PM stream.

One can listen live on the Twitch channel here:

To sign up for the e-mails, which will alert you as to when a Silm Film session is occurring and any change of schedule, registering for the GoToWebinar would be necessary. There's probably not much point in going to that trouble for one session, but when Season 4 starts up, there will be a chance to register for that.