Forest of Brethil


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In Season 5, the Forest of Brethil outside the Girdle of Melian will be the hangout of Tevildo and his cats, before they are defeated by Haleth and Beleg. Then, it will become the home of the People of Haleth. Eventually, Túrin's story will end here. So, we want a forest that can be forbidding or homey, depending on the scene ;).

The name 'brethil' means 'silver birch' in the published Silmarillion, so it would ideally be a forest of silver birches. Silver birches are quite distinctive in appearance, and a forest of them can be very lovely.


Alternatively, an argument can be made for translating 'brethil' as beech, based on the Appendices of Lord of the Rings, and it is right next to the beechwood of Neldoreth. So, if people would prefer beech trees here, that could also be an option.
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