Frodo’s Amazement

Hi Professor,

Sorry if you have already dealt with this topic (I’m a couple episodes behind). I’ve been thinking about the passage that “Frodo jumped up in amazement” at the idea that he thinks the ring may belong to Aragorn, especially at the confusion of whether Frodo would mean this in relief or defensiveness.

Looking at a New Testament example, it says “Do not be amazed. You are looking for Jesus, the Nazarene, who had been crucified. He has risen...” Mark 16:6. Now, every other time an angel is mentioned, it is usually accompanied by fear (not amazement), so I asked my friend who is a pastor. He said that it comes from a Greek word which means “to throw into amazement or terror” or “to alarm thoroughly”.

Bringing it back to Frodo and the question of relief or defensiveness, I think if Frodo leapt up “thoroughly alarmed”, it leaves the discussion open.