Glorfindel and dwelling in the house of Elrond


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I have been rushing to catch up since I starting Exploring the Lord of the Rings 6ish weeks ago (on episode 90 now so almost there). In regards to Aragorn saying that Glorfindel dwells in the house of Elrond I always assumed that it showed how special he was and his close ties to Elrond and his family. Like in LOTRO I also assumed that Rivendell has more in it than Elrond's house and is full of inhabitants and buildings, recognising Elrond as Lord but not all living in his house. Those who actually dwell in his house would be a small number, Arwen and the Twins, Aragorn when he is there, Glorfindel, special guests and others but hardly everybody who lives in Rivendell. Through Bilbo Frodo( and Sam) would know quite a bit about Rivendell so would understand the distinction between living in Rivendell and living in the house of Elrond and so Strider was showing the special relationship that was shared between the Glorfindel and Elrond. Or am I just missing something obvious that has led me way off base?
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