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I nominate Jason Lewis.

This is a good looking guy, he's been a model, and look at the eyes! He is totally believable as a fiery fanatic. He'll be great!
I suggest we choose an actor who we are certain we don't want later on, as more important characters. I think we can safely use Jason here, he's not going to play Fingolfin or Turin.

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Alexander Skarsgard- IMDB Page

upload_2016-3-20_16-48-42.png upload_2016-3-20_16-49-13.png

This will be Alexander Skarsgard's second nomination for a season one character. I feel like his agent should be paying us. Skarsgard has that model-y looking face that women apparently find so attractive (clearly I'm not bitter about it or anything.) He's also played a monster, albeit the beautiful sparkly kind or whatever vampires do on True Blood. He, his Swedish accent, and his model-y fire spirit posse would fly around Arda for a few episodes defying the establishment and making all the dude-ainu stand a little closer to their lady-ainu partners. At some point, Gothmog can take off his t-shirt and run along the seashore as fan service to our wonderful female viewers. And then...

... we drop a lamp on him and he melts away into the horrific demon of shadow and flame we all know and love. I don't know what Alexander Skarsgard's voice sounds like, but if it's anything like his father's then he'll sound perfect for a fallen Balrog. And if he doesn't sound like his dad, we'll just hire him for post-lamp episode voice dubbing. It's a win-win situation.


  • I nominate Chris Pine.
  • IMDB
  • Angelic blue eyes, deep voice, and naturally good looking. He played the good guy so far, but I wouldn't put playing the fanatic past him.
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