Gwahir's final words ... almost

Phillip Menzies

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If we follow Corey's logic that Gwahir's intell has come from Radagast who may be restating rumours that have their origin in Saruman and his misinformation scheme about the Rohirrim paying tribute to Mordor, the next line "but they are not yet under the yoke" can also be explained as coming from Radagast but from a different primary source. The last we saw of Radagast was when he galloped away from Gandalf. His path home would have taken him back through the Gap of Rohan and as Treebeard gives no indication of his presence we can assume that he travelled through the West Emnet and The Wold and may have interacted with the people of Rohan and he would have observed himself that "they are not yet under the yoke."
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