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The House of Hador is the third and largest tribe of the Edain to ally with the Elves. Entering Beleriand in 313 F.A., they frightened the Green-Elves who dwelt in Southeast Beleriand. Physically they are typically blond (unless you're Turin), blue-eyed, fair-skinned, tall (unless you're Hurin), noble and generous, quick to anger and laughter.

Individuals of the House of Hador
  • Marach: Leader of the first host of the House of Hador
  • Malach: Son of Marach
  • Adnael: Daughter of Malach. Married Belemir of the House of Beor and great-grandmother of Beren. A wise-woman who knew the story of Men's fall, a story she passed to Andreth her niece, eldest of the daughters of Boromir Lord of Ladros.
  • Amlach: Grandson of Marach. Impersonated during the summit where dissension was expressed publicly by Bereg. When this was revealed Amlach affirmed loyalty to the Elves.
  • Hador: Goldenhead. Granted fiefdom in Dor-Lomin from Fingolfin, along with which he received the Dragon-Helm of Dor-Lomin. Father of Gloredhel, Galdor the Tall, and Gundor. KIA in the Dagor Bragollach.
  • Gloredhel: Daughter of Hador Goldenhead. Wife of Haldir of Brethil. Died of grief after receiving news of her husband's fall in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
  • Galdor†: The Tall. Eldest son and heir of Hador. Married Hareth of Brethil, father of Hurin and Huor. KIA in an assault on Eithel Sirion in 462 F.A.
  • Gundor†: Second son of Hador. KIA in the Dagor Bragollach.
  • Hurin: Thalion, Eldest son of Galdor the Tall. Inherited the height of the Men of Brethil (short) and the temperment of his grandfather Hador. Steady runner. Married Morwen of Ladros, father of Turin, Urwen and Nienor. Only surviving soldier of the Men of Dor-Lomin sent to the Nirnaeth Arnoediad after making a last stand to protect Turgon King of Gondolin, where he slew 70 trolls of Gothmog's guard. Taken prisoner and subjected to a curse on his family. Released from Angband after Turin's suicide and rejected by his people. Inadvertently revealed Gondolin's location to Morgoth. Journeyed to Brethil where he met his wife Morwen at Turin's grave and buried her there when she died. Caused a civil war in Brethil (Wanderings of Hurin only). Killed Mim, last of the Petty-Dwarves, in Nargothrond and took the Nauglamir to Doriath, where he berated Thingol for the "help" he gave to his family. When Morgoth's lies were revealed to him by Melian, Hurin left Doriath and journeyed to the coast, where he committed suicide.
  • Huor†: Second son of Galdor the Tall. One of the tallest of the Edain. Sprinter. Married Rian of Ladros, father of Tuor. KIA at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, shot in the eye and (posthumously) decapitated.
  • Turin: Son of Hurin and Morwen. Inherited his mother's coloring of dark hair and grey eyes, as well as her stern temperament.. Fostered in Doriath from the age of 8. Accrued many names during his life: Nethian, Gorthol, Adanedhel, Agarwaen son of Umarth, Mormegil, Turambar. Lord of the land of Bow and Helm, counselor of Nargothrond. Beloved of Finduilas daughter of Orodreth. Wielded the sword Gurthang, reforged from Anglachel. Married his sister Nienor (yes I know it sounds awkward). Killed the Dragon Glaurung. Committed suicide by falling on his sword upon learning he committed incest.
  • Urwen: Lalaith. Daughter of Hurin and Morwen. Died of sickness at the age of 3 in 469 F.A.
  • Nienor: Niniel, Daughter of Hurin and Morwen, born after Hurin's capture. Tall, blonde. Followed her mother to Nargothrond, where her memory was wiped by Glaurung. Married her brother Turin (which is extra awkward since her personality was a few years old at most). Committed suicide upon the death of Glaurung, his death having lifted the spell of forgetfulness that he cast on her, by jumping off Cabed-en-Aras.
  • Tuor: Son of Huor and Rian. Fostered by the Sindar of Mithrim, imprisoned by the Easterlings. Chosen by Ulmo as the herald to Gondolin. After arriving in Gondolin, became head of the House of the Wing. Married Idril daughter of King Turgon. Father of Earendil. Wielded the axe Dramborleg. Assisted his wife in the digging of a secret way out of Gondolin. Participated in the failed defense of Gondolin, killing the traitor Maeglin. In 525 F.A. he and Idril (and depending on the text Voronwe) took a ship to Valinor and is counted amongst the Eldar (so says Tolkien).
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Revised House of Hador list for Seaons 5:

Season 5, more than one episode:
  • Hador (387-453): Lorindol (Goldenhead). Husband of Gildis, father of Gloredhel, Galdor, and Gundor. Took up service with Fingolfin/Fingon in his youth and received the Dragon-Helm from the latter, assists in rescue of Rhogrin and Annael. After the Council at Estolad, unites the various houses and brings them to Dor-Lomin. Dies of old age some time before the Dagor Bragollach.
  • Gildis: Wife of Hador, mother of Gloredhel, Galdor, and Gundor.
  • Amlach: Leader of another tribe that gets united under Hador. Takes a more aggressive approach to the Elves. Impersonated by Sauron at the Council of Estolad but reveals Sauron, later taking up service with Maedhros.
  • Bereg (might need renaming): A collaborator with Amlach who suggests leaving Beleriand. After the Council of Estolad he proves as good as his word and takes 1000 Men back over the Blue Mountains.
  • Gloredhel (413-472): Eldest child of Hador and Gildis. Wife of Haldir of Brethil, mother of Handir. Dies of grief in F.A. 472 after learning of her husband's death in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
  • Galdor (414 or 415-462†): The Tall. Heir to Hador. Husband of Hareth, father of Húrin and Huor. Leads the House of Hador in the Dagor Bragollach. KIA in F.A. 462 in an assault on Barad Eithel.
  • Gundor (After 415-455†): Youngest child of Hador and Gildis. KIA in the Dagor Bragollach.
Characters that may only appear in one episode this season but will factor into subsequent seasons:

  • Húrin (441-c.500): Thalion, the Steadfast. Eldest son of Galdor and Hareth, elder brother of Huor. Inherited his mother's height (he's short). Married Morwen of the House of Bëor, father of Túrin, Lalaith, and Nienor. Fostered with his brother in Brethil. While in Brethil he and his brother are separated from their uncle and are rescued by Eagles, who bring them to Gondolin. They stay a year in Gondolin and Húrin decides to leave. Succeeds his father of Lord of Dor-Lomin in F.A. 462. Leads the House of Hador in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and is the only surviving soldier from that house. Captured after making his last stand and subjected to a curse on his family before being released after the death of his son Túrin. Commits suicide by jumping into Belegaer.
  • Huor (444-472†): Second son of Galdor and Hareth. Married Rian of the House of Bëor, father of Tuor. See information about Húrin. KIA in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, shot through the eye by a poisoned arrow and decapitated.
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