how long is it going to take? and do we care?

Steve Melisi

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The news that Exploring the LOTR will be going on til 2030 is certainly incredible -- but how many of us really want it to end? Knowing that it will always be here for us is extremely comforting. And of course we never did do the Prologue, so right there should be another 7-8 weeks!

Meanwhile, up here in the Boston area, there has been this going on for a very long time, and if it's good enough for Joyce, it's good enough for Tolkien!


So true! The visualization of how long it will take is helpful, but it is also nice to think about the idea that it does not have to end. Perhaps an extensive reading of the Appendicies, and then the Sillmarillion, is in order afterwards. I'm sure there will always be more to do.


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No worries, there's years of discussions in the appendices. Can you imagine how long it's going to take to discuss the kinstrife period of Gondor's history!!!