Is Boromir losing faith in the Council of Elrond?


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Because he has not yet heard ‘Counsels’ that are obviously stronger than Morgul-spells.

Boromir is following his Dream. He has found the ‘Sword that was broken’, and that is hopeful. But, he has not yet heard ‘Counsels stronger than Morgul-spells’. So, sure, he is losing faith in the Council.

But fear not! Soon Boromir will think that he has indeed heard Counsels stronger than Morgul-spells. Not certain Counsels. Not risk-free Counsels. But, Counsels stronger than Morgul-spells.

That is what Boromir is looking for. Answers to his Dream.

Rachel Port

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Flammifer, where do you see that? I just reread the end of the Council and the next chapter until the Company sets out, and I don't see Boromir feeling any different than when he says "So be it." Can you quote the passage that convinces you? I see his courage and strength later on, but his doubt only gets stronger.


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Hi Rachel,

Rest assured that I will point out what I think happens with Boromir when we get there. In the meanwhile, it is a bit of a puzzle for people to enjoy.