Ladros / Tarn Aeluin


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We have new locations in Dorthonion this season!

We have decided that the Land of Pines will be set in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia. So, that can be the starting point for selecting a setting for Ladros or Tarn Aeluin.

Tarn Aeluin will feature this season in the trysts of Aegnor and Andreth, and early next season as the location of Barahir's outlaw band. The Silmarillion describes this mountain lake: "But the waters of Tarn Aeluin were held in reverence, for they were clear and blue by day and by night were a mirror for the stars." So, we are looking for the proto-type of Kheled-zâram, it would seem!


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More options! Let's take a look at Snowdonia in Wales....

Llyn Padarn has this 'lonely tree' that could serve as an interesting landmark for the meeting of Aegnor and Andreth:


(The shore is very nearby, so it would be easy to film someone looking out over the lake towards the birch tree)

Another option for our mountain tarn is Llyn Cau, near Cadair Idris:


This lake is 'tucked away' in a glacier-carved crater, which will give a strong sense of seclusion to any scenes there. While we can probably capture reflections in the still water with the correct trees here.

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And for another option...the Canadian Rockies! I saw evidence of larch trees in the Altai Mountains, and thought it might be nice to find a mountain lake with larches in the scenery. Larches are conifers, but they turn yellow in the fall and lose their needles. A nice way to track the changing seasons at this location with a striking visual.

Stream in the Altai Mountains with larch trees:

I'm having some technical difficulties loading images right now, but let's start with Egypt Lake in Banff, Alberta, Canada:

Here's an image of Egypt Lake in the summer:

And here is what the area looks like when the larches change color in the fall:

Taylor Lake:

Definitely won't be a problem getting beautiful reflections here!
And in the fall, it looks like this:

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I always loved the imagery of the following part of the Lay of Leithian:
[...] a whispering ring
of slender birches silver-grey
stooped on its margin, round it lay
a lonely moor, and the bare bones
of ancient Earth like standing stones
thrust through the heather and the whin
and there by houseless Aeluin
the hunted lord and faithful men
under the grey stones made their den.
This always made me envision there being a series of (naturally formed) standing stones surrounding the lake, that resembled ribs. This would make the lake resemble a hollowed out ribcage, and I always thought that gave the location so much more character than just being "this lake."

This has little to do with location scouting, because it would have to be added digitally to the real location, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in, because I've never seen any art depict Aeluin in the way I imagine it.


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...something like this, but with spikier standing stones?

This painting by Charles Wyatt Warren is from the Nantlle Valley in Snowdonia, Wales.

(A drone photo from the same general area)

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Yes, very similar to that. I just imagine more... extreme rock pillars. Something like so:

But probably larger and more curved.

Or even this:


I was going to say smaller, but no... 8-10 formations like this circling Aeluin would look awesome, I think.

EDIT: Mono Lake in California has some craggy looking rock features that resemble what I'm thinking of. They are in the water though, rather than around it.

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