Links to threads that should be in Costumes


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There are some threads discussing clothes, armor, weapons, and hair that were created in other forum sections, and for some reason cannot be moved into this section. I want to make links to them available, in case people who post mainly in the Costumes section weren't aware of them, or find them hard to find.

Elf hair and eye color:
MithLuin and I discuss a lot of genetics in this thread that are probably relevant to nobody but us. But I did also list most of the hair colors that Tolkien bothered to specify, and also our inferences of what that means for characters who weren't physically described.

Elf weapons and armor:
Long discussions that were posted in sets and props, but are equally relevant here. Much larger number of people, so necessarily a much lower degree of final agreement.

This is also room for other forumites to cross-post links to other threads or posts elsewhere on the forum (or other websites?) that would be relevant to costuming.