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Okay, I didn't want to start with casting. There are lots of other questions to consider! But, the whole time that they were talking about Maglor, all I could think of was this moment from Battlestar Galactica...

So, yes, I'd nominate Alessandro Juliani for Maglor. But he's already Maglor in my head. :)

Not only is he a good singer with a strong voice, he can do the kind of singing that I think this calls for. I also like how he combines the singing with the acting; he's also done some work as a voice actor (notably in the English dub of Death Note), so it's not surprising that he has a lot of control over his voice.

(In case of later confusion: I should also note that I'm usually called Nancy F rather than Kate J, but the forum software has decided for some reason that I am Kate, so... Kate it is, at least until I get this figured out.)
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I like his voice.

I did not know he could sing! I mean, his voice as L always gave me chills (the good kind of chills). I should have known he could sing as well, hehe.

I imagined Josh Groban as Maglor for a while, since I really love his singing voice, but then he was at Graham Norton's show and the dream died as swiftly as it had begun.

I also would like George Blagden for Maglor. This oddly enouhg began with a role that required no singing, Athelstan, in the series Vikings. Finding that he could sing was a bonus...