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I nominate Sam Claflin.
Most people will know him from the Hunger games movies. He would be really good as Mairon I think, as he has charm (cute!) but also because he is a bit unpredictable. He can look trustworthy and then suddenly not trustworthy at all. He seems to have ambition and can switch to this kind of darkness or aggression that might be fuelled by hidden insecurity or just is an emotional hole inside of him that needs to be filled. He can also grow from boy to man. Although he will be perfect for the subtle kind of villain Mairon/Sauron is, he has never really played the bad guy, so viewers will probably not see his fall coming as easily as they can with some other, more typical bad guy actors.
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So I know these are art works, and not actual actors, but I really think this artist ( did an incredible job of capturing Sauron. This is honestly my favorite visual of Sauron:

He comes complete with red hair and glowing red eyes! :D

Here is his Mairon form:

I bring up this art work for a few reasons. The hard line of his jaw. It is distinctive, and he does look "cute", but he can also turn evil looking. I think the jaw line and the red hair and eyes (the actor can wear contact lens) give him the "I'm gonna turn into Sauron" look. To make him look softer for the Mairon part, we can give him a hair-do like the one above or even just let his hair loose so he can look more like a servant of Aule instead of a future dark lord.


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For an actual actor, how about Michael Fassbender? His role in The 300 as Stelios gave him an interesting look:

(Sorry the images are so big. I don't know how to make them smaller)

Michael Fassbender is 38, so he's not old, and not too young. In the first picture he's got a hard look, which I can see him glaring at Manwe when his back is turned when he is in the process of betraying the Valar. But for the "cute" part as Mairon, the second photo shows a softer part of his character. Michael's acting was also great, I can totally see him turning into a dark lord later in the future seasons.

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Daryl Sabara- IMDB Page

Talk about boyish, Daryl Sabara is a Spy Kid! Sabara has kept mostly to voice acting since his espionage days ended, but he has cropped up in TV shows and in (the vastly underappreciated) John Carter film in 2012. At 22 years old, Sabara has longevity on his side which is good seeing as Mairon will be one of the few character to (probably) be in all 83 seasons of the Silm Film Project. He's got the hair. He's got the look. He's got my nomination. Plus imagine the non-Tolkien junkies' surprise when little Juni Cortez bursts into a flaming eyeball. Epic.

[Sorry for breaking the Three-Picture rule, but I feel like the standoff above justifies this case.]
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Michael Fassbender can do anything, acting-wise. Plus he's extremely good-looking and can be charming AND sinister. He's got my vote!


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Aaron Tveit.

I think he fits the "cute and winsome" description. He also looks a little boyish. I know his hair isn't red but he can always wear a wig or dye it, right? He recently played Danny Zuko in Grease Live! on TV, and he played Enjolras in Les Miserables (2012 movie) so he's shown he can play both the winsome boyish character and the more intense serious one.


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Edward Norton (Age 46)

I had originally nominated him for Melkor, but someone suggested that he might be a better Mairon, so I'm tossing his name in here, as well. He rather famously portrays characters with quite a range of personality (Primal Fear, the Hulk, Fight Club), so going from full of charisma to sadistic orc-torturer should be easy for him. He has played villains and heroes (and sometimes both at once). He's a bit stand-offish in his roles, so the lack of warmth in his interactions with others would feed into never knowing whose side Mairon is on. [When he is a love interest, you know the love story will end badly.] I realize he's too old to be considered 'boyish' at this point, but, he is!

Playing a crazy man is something he has done many times. He does manage to make you feel for the guy, though. Here's a clip from 'Down in the Valley':
And for a less American accent, there is this: 'The Painted Veil'

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I am going to nominate Simon Woods

He is probably better known for his role as Mr. Charles Bingley in Pride and Prejudice.

Here is the link to his IMDB

The reason I nomitate him because I believe he can play both, angel and demon, and that is something I think the actor for this character would need to be able to do.