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Patrick Stewart was born in 1940, so he is currently 75 years old. I agree that is probably on the upper range, as we will need Manwë to be somewhat active in this first season - in later seasons, he can mostly sit on a throne and occasionally stand up dramatically, so it's not like the actor need be in awesome shape or super athletic....but for now, let's say that they're looking for an older-but-hale-and-active gentleman.

And I agree that whoever we 'cast' will probably have a wig added anyway, so it's not a problem if the actor is bald.

Patrick Stewart is in far, far better shape than I am, the dude is pretty shredded and works out pretty regular. Ian McKellan is in fair shape too, but compared to Sir Patrick he's relatively frail. Sir Patrick is kiiiiind of a hard-body and probably in good enough shape to do most of his own stunts unless we really want him to be getting in there and mixing it up with some younger actors and actresses. I dunno if he's right for Manwe necessarily, but I certainly wouldn't disqualify him based on his age, look up "shirtless Patrick Stewart" on Google Image search and prepare to get a case of the vapours.


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Oh, agreed! Patrick Stewart definitely qualifies as an 'older but active and hale' gentleman, and I agree that there is nothing wrong with what he looks like shirtless. Not all 75-year-old actors would be appropriate in this role, but it's not too physically demanding, and I think he could handle it. I also think they would consider an actor in his 50s, though, so that is why I suggested this is the 'upper range.' Think how well Ricardo Montalban aged for his reprise of the role of Khan in Wrath of Khan compared to William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy - he was 62 and had no trouble showing a bare chest in that film and looking fine doing so, while I'm pretty sure everyone wanted Shatner (aged 51) to keep his shirt on ;).


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I think Daniel Day Lewis would be good but he is my dream casting for Feanor. Even thought he is probably too old for that part he is the only actor I can see really bringing the intensity that Feanor requires.

I know he isn't exactly what they described on the latest podcast but how about Clive Owen for Manwe?



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Well the nominations are over but I think Owen would be OK as Manwë but I'd prefer Day Lewis or Jimmy Smits. Owen could be one of the heroes of men, like Hurin perhaps. Or if we think he'd fit as an elf he could be Finwë, perhaps.