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Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Nicholas Palazzo, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Nicholas Palazzo

    Nicholas Palazzo Well-Known Member

    As you folks may recall, I had thought some time ago that it might be fun to run an after-hours MERP game at Mythmoot. Given how busy the conference will be, I will be limiting this to a single session, perhaps a second if you guys really want it.

    A warning, however: official MythMoot activities have the days of the conference quite packed. The session will likely run two-three hours, so if late nights are not your thing, you probably won't have as much fun as would be hoped.

    If you are interested in participating, please feel free to post here or message me through the forums, or whatever method you see fit. Please do not allow a lack of experiencc in this sort of thing prevent you from giving it a try. I will do my best to make it as easy as possible for you.
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  2. Nicholas Palazzo

    Nicholas Palazzo Well-Known Member

    So... yeah, Mr. Josh Ramsey has convinced me, quite correctly, to run the tabletop adventure I had planned for Mythmoot in the "Adventures in Middle Earth" system. I'm looking forward to it! The adventure will be set in the Breelands in the time period between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (if only to give anyone who wants to play a hobbit the opportunity to do so). If you are interested in joining in, do leave a comment down below or contact me by whatever method you would prefer.

    So far, we have a Ranger, a Dwarf, and a Rohirrim Warrior!
  3. zedturtle

    zedturtle New Member

    So how did it go?
  4. Nicholas Palazzo

    Nicholas Palazzo Well-Known Member

    I failed to get any people together, and on top of it, I was exhausted.

    I think I slept a total of 10 hours the whole weekend.
  5. zedturtle

    zedturtle New Member

    That's how those sorts of things go... that will be me at Gen Con not too long from now.
  6. Nicholas Palazzo

    Nicholas Palazzo Well-Known Member

    I was weak. I'll do better next time. :)

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