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Discussion in 'Contests & Publishing Opportunities' started by Sparrow, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Sparrow

    Sparrow Hestia of the Hearth

    Who's in? Whatcha writing?

    Please befriend me as GazeboGal! Late start for me, the big power-out in New England effected me greatly.

    I'm working on something called Meerkats in the Diaspora... because that's what I always call my NaNoWriMo novel :)
  2. Richol Richards

    Richol Richards Active Member

    I am! The temporary name for my novel right now is Elven Fifty Nine. It starts in Ireland and ends up...somewhere not quite in our world. I'm pantser by nature so the story is telling itself to me right now vs. the other way around. :)
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  3. Sparrow

    Sparrow Hestia of the Hearth

    Ugh, my word count is approximately November 4th...
  4. Richol Richards

    Richol Richards Active Member

    I know the struggle! Conversely, I'm almost at the halfway mark a day early this year. I wish my progress in the story reflected my progress in word count, though. I can't really speak for any semblance of structure. I sense an extensive re-write. :)
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  5. Sparrow

    Sparrow Hestia of the Hearth

    Bless extensive rewrites - they’re what get me through February.
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  6. Wes

    Wes New Member

    Hey all,

    I tried to continue the story I was writing last year, but so far all I've done is make the document into a place to put lots of stray bits of writing on all kinds of different topics. It could conceivably make sense once I write in a few minor things, like characters and a plot :)
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  7. RaineJen

    RaineJen New Member

    Hi! I just made a NaNoWriMo account for the first time. Not exactly sure what to do with it.

    Or, rather, a favorite author posted that she was writing a novel for NaNoWriMo so I signed up in order to see her page's blurb (that'd be this one) Then I said to myself, "oh, well, I'm here, I might as well create a project". (This, uh, by the way, in case you're wondering, is not the best motivation to get writing done.)

    It's called "portals and poetry". Which is the book I wish I wrote, not an actual appropriate title for what I've written so far.

    I figured out how to update a word count, and otherwise I'm... a bit at a loss as to what the site is for? I mean, is that basically it (word count motivation & bragging rights), or is there something I'm missing?

    More importantly, how do you pronounce "nanowrimo"?
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  8. Sparrow

    Sparrow Hestia of the Hearth

    Thank you for the morning giggle :)

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