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  • Eva Green is an actress that really has these soulful sad eyes we are looking for, and yes she can weep. In her role as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale she totally displayed her abilities to perfom as an empathic, but also troubled human beeing. With her newest movie "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" she shows interest in fantasy stories.
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Maia Morgenstern (54)

I must admit to being very challenged by the call for soulful, evocative eyes in a forgettable, lost-in-the-crowd face. That...probably isn't going to happen, but with a veil, we can mask that a little. I think her age and maturity will keep us from seeing her as a pretty young actress, and the makeup and costume will do the rest. I am most impressed by her ability to convey sorrow when she is not visibly crying.


This is easily the most moving scene in 'The Passion of the Christ'. Please watch her from 1:30-1:36 in this clip. She is the embodiment of quiet strength in that moment, and exactly the kind of small, quiet and almost forgettable but actually quite memorable role that we want to pull off with Nienna.
Michelle Yeoh- IMDB Page

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Nienna is associated mostly with her constant tears. Obviously, it would be easy for a female who is constantly crying to come off as very passive and weak. How do you ensure that this doesn't happen and Nienna's true internal strength is conveyed? You cast an action heroine. Or a former Bond girl. Or both.

Yeoh is Chinese in keeping with the 'Asian Feanturi' idea. Also, at 53, she has that 'Tiger Momma' look to her as if she'll tear you apart if you hurt her cubs. This seems to me to be a good feeling for the Ainu of Empathy even if we know she never physically fights. She also has a wonderful smile which would contrast her weeping; just because Nienna is constantly crying doesn't mean she's constantly sad. Michelle Yeoh has the talent to play these multiple layers effectively enough to make Nienna believable.