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I nominate Gael García Bernal.

I would like to see him as Olórin because he looks like a thinker, someone who isn't a classic beauty and doesn't seem to be overly interested in keeping a tidy appearance (that would fit with him being a traveller). He looks a bit uncertain, he strikes me as probably humble and kind.


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Ben Whishaw- IMDB Page

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As a middle-aged thespian, the British Ben Whishaw is neither too young nor too old. What I especially like about Whishaw is that he has a gentle serious about him. The characters that I've seen him play aren't very smiley but they aren't threatening either. I imagine Olorin would have a similar demeanor in Valinor- always focused on learning what wisdom he can from the greater Valar.

But having played Hamlet on stage, Whishaw isn't limited to introverted side characters. Gandalf (and probably Olorin) is prone to angry or sarcastic fits when he's dealing with foolish hobbits or mad kings. But the key is to underlay everything, including Olorin's angry moments, with a wise humility that come off as strength and not feebleness. That's what I think Ben Whishaw brings to the table.